Avion Solutions has an established Military Aviation-based training background. We have carried this professional level of flight instruction forward to the Commercial UAS industry. Avion training standards comply with Part 107 FAA regulations. In addition to customized Training Support Packages for organizations, we offer three different tiers of training to choose from:

The typical student for a Level 1 course is a new UAS operator looking to better understand UAS concepts, regulations, flight operations, maintenance, and to learn how to SAFELY utilize UAS for commercial applications.

The typical student for Level 2 is an experienced or certificated FAA pilot (not always the case with Public Use entities) or FAA-approved UAS operator with average to advanced remotely piloted aircraft experience. Avion does not require a student to hold an FAA Pilot’s Certificate, but it is encouraged at all levels.

Level 3 courses focus on specific airframes and/or missions based on client needs, (e.g. rotorcraft or fixed wing, specific ground stations, flight management systems, or other specific total aircraft solutions). Level 3 courses are custom tailored for an organization. The courses cover basic and advanced ground training including; Airspace, Aerodynamics, Weather, Emergency Procedures, Flight Operations, Regulations, and most important, SAFETY.

We can customize the training modules to provide only the aircraft-specific training required. We provide manufacturer-authorized instruction. This allows the customer to acquire the UAS platform of their choice based on their needs, and be fully educated on all of the requirements to safely and legally operate in the National Airspace (NAS). We can coordinate aircraft system purchases for students attending Level 3 training for a specific platform.

Before you decide on UAS training, be sure that your instructors are licensed and experienced in aviation operations. Trainers should know which laws will apply to your UAS operations and should be able to help you not only learn how to fly legally and safely, but also aid you in developing a streamlined UAS program for your organization. 

Avion is an FAA-approved commercial UAS operator, authorized to fly unmanned aerial vehicles in the United States.
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