Organizations interested in acquiring and using an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) should be aware that a safe and legal UAS program requires several elements aside from the aircraft itself. Avion’s proven methods have helped both commercial organizations and public safety agencies obtain Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval to operate UAS. What is often the most difficult part of this task is assigning the right personnel to research the legal and technical requirements. A company UAS manager must ensure that their operation will cover all facets required by the FAA.

Effective UAS programs require a logistical support plan that covers the entire life cycle of the aircraft or system. This plan must account for acquisition, operations workflow and management, software/firmware updates, maintenance, sustainment, and a training plan for aircrews.

While some firms may choose to develop their program “in-house” in an effort to save money, the end result could cost significantly more in terms of man-hours spent to conduct research and produce deliverables that ultimately might not be approved by the FAA. Avion Unmanned can give you a competitive advantage in the UAS industry. We have developed timetables and prioritized workflows to allow your organization to maximize productivity with an easily manageable workload.

Once we are tasked with developing a program, we consult with your team to determine your requirements and use cases. We use this information to create a manageable solution, while ensuring that it allows for your program to scale. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are included as part of this process, providing a framework for your team to follow once they are ready to take over. We also tailor the training and standardization requirements for your crews to reinforce safe techniques and certify FAA compliance.

Documentation included:

FAA COA or Part 107 waiver requests, filed on your behalf

Aircraft Registration Documentation

Standard Operating Procedures
  • Training & Standardization Program
  • Maintenance Program
  • Standardized Checklists (aircraft specific)
  • Flight Log, Risk Assessment, and Flight Operations Brief

Avion is an FAA-approved commercial UAS operator, authorized to fly unmanned aerial vehicles in the United States.
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