Night Operations

FAA-Authorized for Night Operations under an approved 14 CFR Part 107 waiver

As of March 2017, only 306 waivers have been approved for UAS night operations. Avion Unmanned is one of only 6 approved in the state of Alabama. This is according to a report released by the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI). 

  • Low light, infrared, thermal, LiDAR capabilities for night operations
  • Night imagery and video for marketing and publicity
  • Thermal Inspection
  • Radiometric Mapping
  • Search and Rescue
  • Emergency Management
  • Disaster Response
  • Research & Development

UAS Night Mission Training

The Avion Unmanned team can bring your agency’s UAS program to the next level with our Night Operations training. This is a two-part program that starts at our online training portal. These lessons cover the regulatory requirements of night waivers and will walk you step-by-step through the waiver request process. We also discuss night physiology such as visual illusions and dark adaptation, and how to safely perform UAS operations at night, from preflight planning to postflight inspection. This training meets the FAA-mandated requirement that must be included in a waiver request for night UAS flight in the National Airspace System.

The flight portion of the training helps UAS operators identify the hazards of night flying firsthand. Students will learn to prepare risk assessments and perform scenario-based night flight maneuvers. Our certified instructors can help you obtain your night operations waiver and develop and manage a successful UAS standardization program.

Night UAS Operations

Contact Avion Unmanned today to help your organization obtain a waiver under FAA Part 107 to operate legally at night in the National Airspace System.

Night UAS Training

Avion Unmanned provide you with the FAA-mandated night training required in Part 107 night waivers. You can take our online Night Operations Course, or attend our in-house training.

Thermal UAS Imagery

Avion Unmanned is an FAA-authorized UAS operator. We can help you acquire the aerial imagery you need for your project. Photo, video, thermal, lidar, and other specialized payloads available.

Avion is an FAA-approved commercial UAS operator, authorized to fly unmanned aerial vehicles in the United States.
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