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Get the Advantage of an Aerial Vantage

When offering a property for sale or lease, residential, commercial, and industrial property agents nationwide are beginning to realize the value of aerial imagery in finding a buyer or securing a tenant quickly. When properly executed, a UAS can capture photos that provide a much more accurate perspective of not only the facility, but also the property and surroundings, so a potential client has much better situational awareness. 

Unmanned aircraft can provide an overall snapshot of the building, parking areas, primary traffic routes, and adjacent properties, all at a lower and closer perspective and at a fraction of the cost of manned aircraft. Hiring an airplane or helicopter to take property photos requires more lead time as most aerial photographers schedule several properties as part of a single shoot before conducting the flight. Manned aircraft are also restricted to minimum altitudes and safe distances that require the use of telephoto lenses. Many times, the photographer is at the mercy of atmospheric obscurants, turbulence, or unfavorable angles that can make the perfect shot nearly impossible.

UAS imagery can be fed live to a customer, allowing them to choose the position and angle that they prefer before the first photograph is taken. For web-based marketing, aerial videos of a property give a prospective client a much more accurate assessment of a facility.

Avion is an FAA-approved commercial UAS operator, authorized to fly unmanned aerial vehicles in the United States.
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